This is a new and exciting net game that will keep you entertained for hours!. The game is designed to be as near to real life as possible and it will give you the opportunity to spent a pleasurable time, make new friends and great contacts and even earn money.

So, let us start by discussing the rules.

The money in Bloodway

As the internet exists, it contains some very interesting aspects that can be used as quantity parameters. One of these is the number of visitors to your web page. Noo being a promotion company, understands this very well and uses this parameter like virtual money. The more visitors you can attract to your game page, the more virtual money you can ammass. You can then spend this capital to develop your game strategy. Money is the blood of civilization and money is the blood of the Bloodway game; you can construct factories, buy weapons etc., you can send mail, spy, attack, defend yourself as long as you can afford it. Money i.e. visitors is the real basis of this game. We constructed a special counter to keep track of your visitors and the first task of every player is to increase these numbers. Our programmers will fight against any cheaters naturally, but we will do it "legally" that is to say, by increasing counter defense. To start a game you need to register, then your personal game web page will be automatically created and you can start to promote this page with any legal methods.

Other method to make money is a ROTATION with "Earn more!" button just after login. This way you visit others web pages and earn 1 credit per each one. So, the bloodway is unusual rotation system, the game and site ptomotion.

What can you obtain with your money?

Interesting question...the answer is EVERYTHING!

  • you can create a weapon factory with 100 credits (and 7 days waiting, like the time god took to create the world) and this factory will produce weapons for you, two types of weapon exist - defense (shields) and attack (swords),
  • you can buy weapons on the "free market", go to any of others player game web page and find market department there the player want to sell (or buy) weapons, you can make deal with him, and, of course, you need a money for these deals,
  • you can send a letter if you have 1 credit, by going to the post office, but firstly you need to know to whom you wish to send the info,
  • you can spy and superspy using your money,
  • you can do any trades and transfers, conduct any business and make payments to others if you have money, but if you have no money then you can do nothing!

In reality, if you have money, then you have visitors in your page. If somebody knows about you he can make your life unpleasant. Money can be good, but money can also be evil.

About factories

This is very simple to understand how it works. You build a weapon plant and it starts to produce weapons for you. Every day it produces 1 weapon and costs 1 credit. You can stop production if you wish or if you have no money to continue.

You can sell your weapon plant as your property if any other player wishes to buy it.

And you can aslo sell a weapon produced by your plants, using the trading system for that business.

Functions of Bloodway

What can you achieve with your weapons? Consider this:


During the game like in real life, you may meet someone that you do not like and like in warfare, you can decide to kill him. You can do this with an attack weapon, but remember that if he has a good defense weapon he can kill you instead. However, you do have the poossibility to win even you have only 1 weapon. Never attack anyone without a weapon or you will be killed and you will have to retire from the game and lose everything that you have. Remember- the main purpose of the game is to live in Bloodway for as long as possible.

That is the reason why you need strong weapon to win in an attack.

Furthermore, if somebody comes to rob you (steal your money), you can kill him with an attack weapon.


If you have many people who know about you and who have visited your web page, you can have many enemies who are interesting in taking your life. It is important to remember about defense also. With a strong defense and you can sleep calmly.

If you plan to go to rob somebody, you will need a strong defense weapon. With this you can steal and not been killed.


You may ask - how can I attack and rob somebody if I do not know anything about the other players? Very simple- pay 10 credits and superspy. The Bloodway data base will give you the web page information of one other player and you can go to his page and see some of the info he has entered. What if this is not enough? What if you really need is to have information about his weapons, money, plants, contacts etc.


Very interesting situation. If you have a player about whom you want to know more, then you can try to get this info with the spy function. How does this function work? You set a budget for the amount of money that you can afford to spend for a spy mission and start to spy. If you have set an amount which more than 1% of spied player's capital, then you will get the info than you want. If this set amount is less then 1% then you will lose the money and you will not get the info. That's the chance you take!


You can make trades with your property, use special tools in order to sell or buy weapons and trade just as you would on the stock market. If somebody visits your web page and sees these bid offers he can accept them and trade with you. If you visit any other players' web pages and see that there are any interesting offers, you will also be able to trade. Good Luck!


You can send and receive mail to and from other players. For instance, you can send anonymous mail, you can use the option "ALL", you can use your "address book". But remember that every letter costs 1 credit.

Self promotion

This is the most important function in the Bloodway game. You can edit your own game web page with some very simple tools. Only this game page will contain some information about you and about the game. You need to have this page visited as often as possible - this page is your virtual money generator and consists of five parts.

  • The first part, the header, contains general information about the Bloodway game with our advertising and necessary links. You will not be able to change this part.
  • The second part is also generally unchangeable. This part is yours, but if you will place the html-text here and save your web page with the new variant you will not be able to cancel it. Be careful! Sometimes this procedure can be useful, for example if you wish to make deals with other players etc.
  • The third part is the changeable part. You can write and erase. I recommend to use this part to improve the design of your web page, for promotion and even for sponsor banners. Yes, if you can earn money with your game web page, you are welcome!
  • The fourth part is the trading part. Here you place orders to sell or buy weapons and/or plants. You can trade with other players and try to earn virtual credits.
  • The fifth part is our footers. It contains information about your time in the Bloodway game, impressions (total visitors) etc.

You can visit the all-knowing Pharaoh and ask him a questions about the Past. It is an expansive service and very powerful.

Making and spending money

There are a lot of functions to make money, to promote your web page (and other pages), and to spend money. You can try to win money with the Monte Carlo Money Machine, it is easy to play and to win. An erotic show, as well as a promotion service are other ways to spend your credits.


Bloodway is Republic. The main person of Bloodway is a king who helds Bloodway after annual election. The king manage all important parameters of the game.